Punch your way through a crowd of concert-goers


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HitOthers is a first-person action game where you control one of the many attendees of a sleazy music show in a dirty nightclub filled with shady people dancing and drinking.

The point of the game is to get the highest score possible, which you can do by carrying out many different actions. Punching your way through the rest of the concert-goers is a good option, but you can also drink different beverages to improve your skills, or even try to keep the show going.

To keep the show going once the band stops playing, you'll have to punch other concert-goers and steal objects from them, like records or a record player. Once you have all the objects, you can go backstage and keep the party going.

In fact, if you fail to complete this little mission, everyone will go crazy and try punching you, abruptly ending your adventure.

HitOthers is a very entertaining first-person action game with a unique approach that stands out thanks to its gritty graphics and music.
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